We invite you to spend at least 5 days in this part of the Amazon rainforest that is still off the beaten track. It is a tremendous HOT SPOT for birdwatching. 

We can combine this itinerary with the other one in the ecolodge if you want to spend more nights in the Amazonia.

• Lodging : 4 nights in full board accomodation (except soda and alcoholic beverages)
• Ecotourism activities: Hiking in the forest, boat trips and snorkeling.
• Transportation : Transfer from Alta Floresta airport to the Amazon lodge
• Bilingual tour guide

Day 1 : Arrival in Alta Floresta - Transfer to the lodge

- Reception at Alta Floresta airport at 2 p.m
- Departure towards the south part of the Amazon forest. Along the road, we may stop several times in order to observe nature and take photos, especially of birds that we will find all along the route;
- Arrival at the jungle lodge in the end of the day for dinner time;

Day 2 : Amazon Jungle Lodge

- Breakfast at 5 a.m
- Boat riding on the Blue river where we get to see many bird species such as the Red-necked aracari (Pteroglossus bitorquatus), the Curl-crested aracari (Pteroglossus beauharnaesii), the Green Ibis (Mesembrinibis cayennensis), the blue and yellow macaw (Ara ararauna), and also kingfishers. Through the crystalline water of the river, it is possible to see stingrays and the electric eel.
- Lunch at the lodge,
- Hiking in the woods to look for the white-cheeked spider monkey (Ateles marginatus), or the red-handed howler (Alouatta belzebul).
- Dinner time.

Day 3 : Amazon Jungle lodge

- Breakfast at 5 a.m;
- Another walk in the forest will allow us to have great interaction with the local fauna and vegetation. This 4 hour long trail will get us closer to birds such as the Red-headed Manakin (Ceratopira rubrocapilla), the Guianan Trogon (Trogon violaceus), the Paradise Jacamar (Galbula dea) and most likely the Screaming Piha (Lipaugus vociferan) whose chant is heard in certain cell phones ringing tone .
- Lunch break
- In the afternoon, we will drive along the entrance road looking for some Psittacidae (parrots) like the Scarlet macaw (Ara macao), Hyacinth macaw (Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus) and the endemic Bald parrot (Pyrilia aurantiocephala). If we are lucky enough we may get to see the night monkey (Aotus trivirgatus).
- Dinner at the lodge.

Day 4 : Amazon jungle lodge

- Breakfast,
- Hiking trail to go after different species of monkeys like the white-nosed Saki (Chiropotes albinasus), the white-cheeked spider monkey (Ateles marginatus), the red-handed howler (Alouatta belzebul) or the tufted capuchin (Sapajus apella).
- Lunch time ;
- In the middle of the afternoon we’ll take another boat trip to contemplate the beauty of the flora and also go snorkeling in the crystal clear water of the river (if you feel like doing it).
- Return to the lodge for dinner time.

Day 5 : Transfer lodge – Airport

- Breakfast ;
- Time to leave the lodge at 7:30 a.m to go to the Alta Floresta airport.
- Lunch at the small restaurant inside the airport (meal included except beverages and water)
- Flight at 2:30 p.m (plane tickets not included)
- End of our services.

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Amazon - Mato Grosso, Brazil